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Default Important announcement regarding

As many of you know over these years I have had many ideas I have wanted to do, but being a one man show with a full time job means I did not have the time or resources to implement them - I have now found a way to put many of these ideas and improvements into place

I have entered into a partnership with, owned and managed by Martingale Internet Technologies (MIT), that will allow MTF to not only implement many new ideas and features but to also grow into many new topic areas and expand our geographical reach. I always had high hopes for this site and community, and while we have seen some great growth in the last year we are going to see even more in the coming months.

I won't be going anywhere and am going to be relieved of some of the technical aspects allowing me to post and enjoy the site more and hopefully actually get to my trains one day… I will be continuing to help grow LGBW and ModelTrainForum, the other model train site and ensure the community is kept up to date on the new and exciting changes that are in store for us as well as providing feedback when necessary to MIT.

Martingale has already teamed up with some very large communities which shows that others have put their trust into the ideas and goals that MIT has presented, for example or I have talked with the other site administrators who now help with MIT's efforts and I must say they are a professional bunch who are all enthusiasts just like us, and are very excited to be working together with us moving forward.

I know many of us are apprehensive of changes. You can bet that I thought about this for a long time and would never have entered into this venture if I had any doubts that it would only improve LGBW for the better. New features and additions will be rolled out over the next few months and I think that they will do nothing but improve LGBW and the members’ experience. The community will be involved on the changes we will see in the future so we are hoping to get some feedback and help with testing these things out when the time comes.

Christian (Joschik) is on the management team at MIT and you will see him posting on the site as well. Please give them a warm welcome to the site. Vish also works closely with all MIT sites and will be active here.

I look forward to everyone’s to feedback or thoughts in this thread, or alternatively you can send a private message.

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Thanks John for the warm welcome and look forward to learning more about garden trains. While I am currently more of a collector of space toys I remember my own chhildhood with a very large Maerklin layout and with a 3 year old son I have a very good excuse to start laying track in the garden!
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